Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Lita Styles - Force (feat. Brice Blanco)

Download this song here:…-brice-blanco

Lyrics (except rap) written by Lita Styles, M4RZ, and Bobby Earth
Rap written and performed by Brice Blanco
Track produced by Bobby Earth

Artwork by M4RZ

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Eros - Blind (feat. Jen Miller)

Download this song here:

Song written by Eros
Track produced by Bobby Earth
Bass guitar by Nicco Martinez of The Remnantsbr /> Drums by Tarron Overshown

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Bobby Earth - The Corner (Live) [ft. The Remnants & Brandon Willis]

Bobby Earth performs "The Corner" off his EP, PROGRESSION.

Vocals - Bobby Earth
Drum programming - Bobby Earth
Guitar - Oscar Santander of The Remnants
Bass - Nicco Martinez of The Remnants
Keys - Brandon Willis

Sound engineer: Bobby Earth
Set design: M4RZ
Videographer: M4RZ
Editor: Bobby Earth

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Download PROGRESSION here:

All beats produced by Bobby Earth

1. The Corner (feat. Choice & Tarron Overshown)
Song written by Bobby Earth
Guitar by Chris “Choice” Sommers< br /> Drums by Tarron Overshown

2. Cerberus
Song written by Eros

3. Airplane Mode (feat. Kintaro)< br /> Song (except rap) written by Bobby Earth< br /> Rap by Jameel “Kintaro” Bruner of The Internet

4. Can You Feel It Too
Song written by Bobby Earth< br /> Additional background vocals by Brandon Willis
Additional keyboards by Brandon Willis
Bass by Daniel Ward
Guitar by Chris “Choice” Sommers

5. Sheet Music (feat. Brice Blanco)
Song (except rap) written by Bobby Earth
Rap by Brice Blanco

6. Denton
Song written by Bobby Earth

7. Space Trip
Song written by Bobby Earth

Artwork credits:
Photo by M4RZ
Text illustrated by Bobby Earth
Art direction by M4RZ & Bobby Earth

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Peyton - Anxious

Download this song:

Lyrics written and sung by Peyton
Drum programming by Bobby Earth
Produced by Bobby Earth & The Remnants
Guitar by Oscar Santander
Bass by Nicco Martinez
Recorded and mixed by Bobby Earth

Artwork by Chase of Nazareth

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Lita Styles - Outerspace

Download this song:

Performed by Lita Styles
Produced and written by Bobby Earth

Artwork: M4RZ
Edit: Bobby Earth

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Bobby Earth Presents Tope Raps Vol. 1

Download the entire project for free HERE:…

Bobby Earth's "Tope Raps Vol. 1" is the first in a new series of musical installments, comprised of four Earth-produced joints, each featuring tope (tight and dope) bars from different up and coming emcees. Brought to you by Milky Wayv, a production company and music collective founded by Bobby and fellow creative Risky Cereal, this first volume features Houston-based collective Constant Reality members Brice Blanco and Georgia native Calenta. Chase of Nazareth and Tim Woods, both of whom also hail from the H, also drop tope verses on this innovative project.

Illustrations by Calenta Mincey
Edited by Bobby Earth

Bass on "Potholes" by Sharif Stallworth

Friday, February 5, 2016

Peyton - 2 AM / Clouds (Music Video)

Official music video for "2 AM" and "Clouds" from Peyton's debut EP Roller Coaster.

"2 AM" produced by Bobby Earth
"Clouds" produced by Chase of Nazareth

Shot by M4RZ
Co-directed by Risky Cereal
Edited by Bobby Earth
Concept by Peyton, Bobby Earth, Risky Cereal, and M4RZ

Styling by Chelcie Guidry
Hair by Eanaj Hair
Makeup by Heather Williams, Maggie of MCW

Wardrobe provided by Em&Lee Boutique
Location courtesy of Zuma Fun Center